Economics ECS1501 Video Lectures and Summaries


UNISA Economics ECS1501 Video Lectures and Summaries aimed at helping UNISA students succeed in the course.


This products, Economics ECS1501 Video Lectures, has been designed and set up with students in mind. We aim to help you as an UNISA first year student succeed in the course.

This product includes awesome summaries of all the relevant study units and video lectures covering difficult concepts in detail.


  • Learning unit 1: What is economics all about?
  • Learning unit 2: Economic Systems
  • Learning unit 3: Income and Spending in a Mixed Economy
  • Learning unit 4: Demand, Supply and Prices
  • Learning unit 5: Demand and Supply in Action
  • Learning unit 6: Elasticity
  • Learning unit 7: The theory of demand. The utility approach
  • Learning unit 8: Background to supply. Production and Cost
  • Learning unit 9: Market structure. Overview and perfect competition
  • Learning unit 10: The factor markets. The labour market



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