About Us - Helping You Succeed

Our vision is to create the best learning environment in South Africa and our mission is to help you succeed in your studies.

UNISA Extra Classes is a company which is independent of (not affiliated with) UNISA. We use the abbreviation UNISA in order to help students find us. 

How We Help You

We love teaching and we are here to help. We present classes professionally, and explain content accurately in an easy to understand manner. Our video lectures, study resources and tutoring will help you succeed in your studies.

Improving Education. Empowering You.

It is a fact that a very small proportion of South African scholars get into tertiary institutions. There is also a massive academic gap between high school and tertiary education. We believe that any student who gets accepted into tertiary education (already a rare event) should get as much help as possible. Our popular service can help you reach academic success and reach your goals.

Our History

The Extra Classes service was started by Hilde-Mari and Theunis Johann van Rooyen, two post-graduate students, in early 2011. They identified the need for concept orientated revision sessions at Stellenbosch University. The program grew to include more subjects and new facilitators – each skilled in their relevant course material and enthusiastic about teaching.

UNISA Extra Help Classes

We then expanded this popular service to also help you as a UNISA student to succeed in your studies. We know that studying part-time is challenging to say the least. We therefore offer you online video lectures and easy to understand study resources to make your academic journey easier. In addition we connect you with great tutors, if needed.

Professional classes presented by well-qualified persons

We pride ourselves in using some of the best presenters available. Presenters must meet certain minimum standards before being allowed to teach for us. Our standards include:

  1. Mastery of theoretical knowledge – tutors must have obtained 70% or above in each subject they present and must have finished a degree (preferably honours, masters or PhD). They must also have finished the second year of the relevant course. E.g. to teach first year mathematics a presenter must hold a degree and have had mathematics up to their second year of study.
  2. Qualified & competent – tutors must have a relevant degree and must have sufficient tutoring / mentoring experience in the subject they present
  3. Enthusiastic & committed
  4. Communication and teaching ability.
  5. Students should, in general, be satisfied with the quality of each and every class.

We build our video classes, study resources and tutoring around student feedback. Our idea is to use the feedback in order to improve the quality of our classes.

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